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Manufacturing Cluster

While Manufacturing has declined in the U.S. in the last 30 years, it has continued to grow in Hamden. Hamden's vacancy rate for manufacturing is the lowest in the region.

Hamden has a rich history in manufacturing dating back to the industrial revolution. Manufacturing in Hamden began with Eli Whitney and his invention of the cotton gin, as well as him popularizing interchangeable parts of firearms. This helped progress the Town from being agriculturally based to a leader of the industrial revolution, with firearm manufacturers (notably Winchester Arms, High Precision and High Standard), carriage hardware, silk and tool manufacturing. Today, manufacturing has evolved into technology with companies such as Amphenol Corporation and EZ Form Cable Company.


Manufacturing is essential to the economic vitality of a community because it is one of the primary driving forces of technology and economic advancement. In 2010, 5.13% of Hamden's businesses were comprised of the manufacturing industry, more than the national percentage. Manufacturing employs over 28,000 people and has one of the highest average salaries in the region. Hamden has already benefited from the clustering of manufacturers, shown in the recent expansion and improvements in Hamden's Business Park and new businesses in the State St. and Sherman Avenue corridor. Businesses looking to open or expand in Hamden have been recently awarded significant tax abatements and grants through the Town's Business Incentive Program. 


Major Manufacturers in Hamden are: 


Airline Accessory Service Co., LLC:

Airline Accessory Service Company (AASCO) is a manufacturer and assembler for the airline industry. AASCO is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Joint Aviation Authority repair system, which allows them to work on a variety of aeronautical and aircraft products from various manufacturers, such as Airweld, Sunstrand, Boeing, Whittaker, and others.


455 Putnam Avenue

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 773-1808


Amphenol Corporation- Spectra Strip: 

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems to be sold to various communications and information processing markets. The branch in Hamden is responsible for enhancing the signal and finding ways to extend the life of copper cable. For further information please contact:


Mark Carbray, General Manager

720 Sherman Avenue

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 281-3200



B-P Products:

B-P Products is a high quality, die cutter and manufacturer of precision steel rule dies and custom folding cartons. Their 32,000 square foot facility, centrally located in Hamden, is home to a complete in house design department and highly trained staff.  For further information please contact:


100 Sanford St # 1

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 288-0200


Bar-Plate Manufacturing Company:

Founded in 1949, Bar-Plate Manufacturing Company Inc. is a small paper industries machinery manufacturer in Hamden, Connecticut. It has 10 full time employees and generates an estimated $1.2 million in annual revenue.. For more information please contact:


Brian Garrity, President

1180 Sherman Avenue

Hamden, CT 06514




Burt Processing Equipment:

Founded in 1970 Burt Process Equipment is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services. BPE products and services provide proven solutions for many industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, metal finishing, and chemical processing.  For further information please contact:


Stephen Burt, President

100 Overlook Drive

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 287-1985


Can Straps, LLC:

Can Straps, LLC began by designing and manufacturing an easily installed solution to an everyday problem: stopping plastic trash liners from falling into waste containers of all sizes.  Can Straps plan to design and manufacture other products that are simple to use and reduce frustrations.  For more information contact:


127 Woodlawn Street

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 281-7333


Carlton Industries:

Carlton Industries serves a diverse set of markets with a common set of needs when it comes to selecting the right manufacturing partner for their circuit boards, electronic assemblies and cable assemblies.  Their customers are typically manufacturers of higher-end products that contain significant electronics content.

Their markets include, but are not limited to:


*  Aerospace

*  Communications

*  Emerging Technologies

*  Healthcare/Medical

*  Industrial Controls

*  Military Defense

*  Scientific Instruments

*  Security


For further information please contact:


Brad Carlton, President

25 Marne Street

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 288-5605


Cummings Steel Company:

Cummings specializes in supplying strip steel in coil form to the metal stamping industry in quantities of 100 pounds or more.  We supply CR and HRPO low carbon steel from .015 to .155 thick, all tempers.  We also supply flat wire sizes 1/4" and wider with either #3 slit edge, #4 rolled round edge or #5 deburred edge in coils or 8'-10' lengths. For more information please contact:


2135 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 787-3193



Dexsil manufactures portable test kits and instruments for the detection and quantification of contaminants in soil, water and oil.  Dexsil Products take sophisticated analysis and detection out of the laboratory and into the field, saving customers time and money, while safeguarding expensive equipment and preserving the environment.  Since 1977 Dexsil has been the leader in developing easy-to-use, accurate testing devices to make on-site chemical analysis faster and less expensive.  For more information please contact:


1 Hamden Park Drive

Hamden, CT 06517




EZ Form Cable:

EZ Form Cable produces cable and related cable products, supplied to customers throughout the microwave industry and they employ approximately 80 employees. For further information please contact:


Frank, Volpe, General Manager and Vice-President

285 Welton Street

Hamden, CT 06517




International Provisions, Inc.: 

International Provisions, Inc. is a snack foods manufacturer with product lines that appeal to a variety of people and sells well in the African-American, Hispanic and Asian markets. The Howard Product line made here includes Howard’s Fried Pork Skins, Southern Style Souse Meat and Rope Sausage, Fried Chicken Skins and Howard’s Smoked Sausages. Products are shipped throughout most of the Eastern U.S., as well as sent through UPS to the rest of the U.S. states and Puerto Rico. For further information please contact:


Charles Leroux, President.

13 Hamden Park Drive

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 248-4684


Leed-Himmel Industries:

Himmel Bros., Inc. was established in 1909 as a provider of custom aluminum extrusions and storefront glazing and entrance systems.  Leed Architectural Products—was established in 1946 in Hamden, as a custom metals fabricator and manufacturer.   The marriage of these two companies created a unique corporation with the ability to service a full range of architectural and industrial needs. LHI Architectural Aluminum Products Division manufactures and finishes a wide range of aluminum products for the commercial architectural industry, proudly offering one-stop responsibility. The extrusion division supplies all industries with custom aluminum extrusions.  For further information contact:


75 Leeder Hill Drive

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 288-8484



Meyer Wire and Cable Company

Meyer Wire & Cable Company designs and manufactures quality cable and coil cords. Established in 1972 by Henry Meyer, Meyer Wire specializes in very flexible and durable coil cords. They also offer a wide range of custom made-to-order cables, in addition to their large inventory of stock cables. The insulation materials used are of the highest quality and cover a range of service temperatures.  For further information please contact:


1072 Sherman Avenue

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 281-0817


New England CNC, Inc.:

New England CNC, Inc.  is a reliable, responsive, high quality provider of CNC, secondary and laser marking services. Since 1960, they have manufactured quality secondary operations, expanding to CNC and screw machine operations in 2000 and adding laser marking in 2011.  For more information please contact:


46 Manila Avenue

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 288-8241


Porcelen SPECRAIL: 

Porcelen SPECRAIL manufactures quality aluminum fencing from its 180,000 square foot plant located here in town and they employ over 100 employees. For further information please contact:


William Batts, President

333 Welton Street

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 248-6346


Precision Grinding Solutions/Aero Grind Holdings LLC

Precision Grinding Solutions (PGS) provides innovative grinding and inspection solutions for state-of-the-art applications in a broad range of end-markets, including aerospace/defense, automotive, tool, die and mold making.

Precision Grinding Solutions provides contract metrology services for large and small parts to all industries where ultra-high-accuracy measurement is required. They provide contract inspection support to customers that require a separate source to verify their manufacturing results.  For further information please contact:


Curt Reed

65 North Plains Industrial Road, Unit 11

Wallingford, CT 06492

203- 265-2060



Record Products of America: 

Founded in 1946, Record Products of America manufacturers the highest quality of machines, consumables and services for the recording industry. Record Products of America still services the vinyl record industry, in addition to optic discs. Their main services include ultra high precision metal punching and surface finishing equipment. For further information please contact:


700 Sherman Ave.

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 248-6371


Specialty Wire & Cord Sets Inc.:

They specialize in making short runs of wire and coiled wires. Specialty Wire & Cord Sets manufactures retractile cords to a variety of industries including transportation, medical and dental equipment, retail displays, robotics, security devices and many more. For further information please contact:


Lynn Campo, Owner.

One Gallagher Road

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 498-2932


Taylor Freezer of Connecticut:

For over forty years Taylor Freezer of Connecticut has provided specialty equipment and service to the world’s leading food service organizations and local independent businesses. Taylor Freezer is an exclusive factory appointed equipment and parts distributor and factory authorized service agent for several specialty food service equipment lines including; Taylor, Flavor Burst and ISA.  For more information please contact:


130-150 Welton Street

Hamden, CT

(203) 772-7888


Tomtec, Inc.

Tomtec Life Sciences has over 40 years' experience in servicing the needs of the $3 billion dollar global Laboratory Automation Market.  Tomtec is focused on the development, manufacture and sale of laboratory instrumentation that accelerates the life science discovery process.  Their platforms provide best in class performance and value for a wide range of life science applications.


Whether processing or reformatting assays, harvesting cells for a scintillation counter, homogenizing tissue samples or evaluating the emerging art of dried blood spot (DBS) bio-sampling, Tomtec Life Science has the right solution. For more information please contact:


1000 Sherman Avenue

Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 281-6790


Transact Technologies:

Transact Technologies offers supplies for all types of transactions. Cash register rolls/POS receipts, kitchen slips, guest checks, ATM receipts and more.  Their top products consist of Thermal paper rolls for Point-of-Sale Printers, Credit Card Terminals, ATM machines and even gas pumps. We offer Printer Ribbons, 2-ply and 3 ply carbonless paper rolls for cash registers, bank vaults, kitchen printers and municipal recorders offices. Inkjet cartridges and bond paper rolls for bank check scanners, bank validators, ATM machines and credit card machines.  For further information please contact:


2319 Whitney Ave #3B

Hamden, CT 06518

(800) 243-8941


Winning Ice Systems:

Based in Hamden, Winning Ice Systems include all components to install, freeze and maintain ice temporarily or year-round.  Precision designed and manufactured for top results.  For further information please contact:


375 Morse Street

Hamden, CT 06517

(203) 777-5395

Based in Hamden, Connecticut, Winning Ice Systems

For Further information on the Hamden Business Incentive Program or the Business Cluster Program, please visit www.hamden-ct.com or contact Dale Kroop, the Director of Economic Development at 203-287-7030 or dkroop@hamden.com.



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