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Doctor Gold of Laser Body Solutions Offers New Tri-Phase Body Sculpting Program


For a Program Brochure Click on this Link or contact Doctor Jeff Gold at www.laserbody.com.

Tri-Phasic Body Sculpting

The Contour of Things to Come

Heat, Vibration, & Electrical Force

Welcome to the Tri-Phasic Resonator (TPR) System of muscle toning and fat and cellulite reduction. The TPR originated in 1985 and has undergone several corporate and medically supervised studies with astonishing results, far surpassing any procedures or systems previously developed. The process is painless and comfortable, and produces noticeable and measurable results from the first treatment in addition to providing cumulative benefits.

The TPR incorporates three compatible Modalities:

Heat – Vibration – and Curative Electrical Force.

Each modality encompasses itsown distinct functions. Improves the circulatory system, opens superficial capillaries, and re-establishes vascular flow.

Discourages fat-cell buildup in areas of restricted circulation, generally produced by tight, restrictive clothing or jobs that require prolonged sitting Assists with the movement of fluids and increases penetration of the electrical current into deeper dermal layers. Improves osmotic action helping to remove toxins from the body. The action of the probes causes a decrease of electrical sensation by the patient’s neuro-receptors,  allowing the use of stronger currents required to treat cellulite.

What is the TPR?

The Tri-Phasic Resonator is a process which utilizes mild electrical frequencies in conjunction with heat and vibration to minimize fat. Clinical studies have indicated that the Tri-Phasic Resonator is beneficial for both cellulite reduction and muscle toning and re-education, which means a loss of inches as well as firmed and defined muscles.

The results are similar to liposuction, but without the risks of surgery or the high cost. This is a non-invasive procedure performed by qualified nurses. Treatments are pleasant and measurable results can be seen immediately. Procedures are safe, efficient and painless. Patients leave feeling a tone to their muscles as though they have just worked out or lifted weights. Most patients require one to two treatments per week for six to eight weeks depending on individual conditions. Treatments can be performed up to three times per week.

What results can I expect?

No matter what your age, or how much muscle definition you desire, everyone gets results! However, the Tri-Phasic Resonator is not only for cellulite reduction. Many slender people want to increase their muscle mass or sculpt their body. Often, relief from muscle strain or increased resilience for those active in sports can be accomplished quickly.

The most interesting phenomenon associated with triple modalities inherent in the TPR is the effect that the vibratory modality has with respect to the electrical current that is employed. The vibratory stimulus overpowers the electrical sensation perceived by the neuro-receptors. The current can then be raised in strength where it normally would become uncomfortable. However, when the vibratory stimulus is activated, electrical sensation is not perceived by the neuro-receptors.

Another factor affecting cellulite is vascularization. Studies have demonstrated that cellulite production is greatly affected by tight clothing that contributes to inhibited vascular flow. The combination of electrical activity and kinetic energy, along with the heating element at the probe site has the effect of promoting vascular flow.

A very interesting observation, common to all clinical study participants, was that the loss of two inches of physical measurements equated to one pound of weight loss.

Is TPR safe?

The idea of using electrical currents on the body is not a new idea, but one which has been put to use in the medical field for many years and is considered a safe method for various applications.

How many treatments does it take to see results?

A series of two treatments a week for six to eight weeks is recommended to see the full potential of the program. At that time one may re-evaluate the appearance of the treated areas to insure the original goal was met and to determine if further areas should be worked. Treatments can be no closer than 48 hours, but may be as many as three per week. Everyone gets results! Usually there are visible and measurable results from the very first treatment!

What can I do to make the process work best?

  1. It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, a 150 pound person needs to drink 75 ounces of water each day. This is especially important the day of a treatment and for a full day after a procedure, as the treatment continues to work for 24 hours.
  2. Avoid shaving the area to be worked for at least two days before a treatment.
  3. Avoid any exfoliation procedure for at least two days before a treatment.
  4. If you are not already participating in an exercise program, contact Results Plus to begin. (www.resultsplus.com) (203-288-8822). Be sure to tell them that you are working with Laser Body Solutions on TPR)
  5. If you are not already on a sensible diet, contact a nutritionist at Results Plus for advice on how to begin a sensible nutrition program. (203-288-8822). Be sure to tell them that you are working with Laser Body Solutions on TPR).


K.P. (36 year old female teacher) I love the new TPR treatment! After just 4 treatments, I have lost 4 pounds and anywhere between 3 and 6 inches in each session. I went shopping and was able to buy pants a size smaller than I had been wearing. I haven’t changed my diet or exercise habits, so the TPR treatments have been very effective. The treatment is enjoyable; it feels like a massage. I would recommend this treatment to anyone looking to lose fat and inches.

J.D. (63 year old male physician) After only two treatments to my abs and waist, my pants are already feeling looser.


A complete change of physical form, structure, and appearance.

The entire staff of medical professionals at Laser Body Solutions is proud to announce our affiliation with Results Plus Personal Training of Hamden. To help facilitate the tightening of your muscular system, exercise is recommended. As your body breaks down fat cells, it is equally important to reshape the muscular system. Our ELITE PROGRAM offers our clients the following:

  • (3) Educational sessions with a Results Plus Trainer.
  • Personally tailored set of home exercises.
  • Consultation with a Nutritionist
  • “Body Nutrition Solutions Made Simple” Guide book
  • $75.00 promotional discount off the Results Plus Program. (if you decide to stay with your personal trainer)

Visit Results Plus on line at www.resultsplus.com.

Call Dave Parise C.P.T. for your first appointment.
203- 288-8822
3013 Dixwell ave
Hamden CT, 06518

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